Animal Tags

Residents are reminded that all dogs and cats residing in the Town of Petawawa shall be licenced and registered with the Town.

Licences and tags may be obtained Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, at the Town office.  For further information regarding pet licenses contact the Animal Control Officer by calling 613-687-5536 or 613-639-0211.  

  • Proof of rabies vaccination is required at the time of registration and tagging.
  • Landlords are requested to notify all tenants.

Fees: Animals registered and tagged between

October 1st to December 31st January 1st
Dogs (sterilized)
Dogs (intact)
Cats (sterilized)
Cats (intact)

Newly obtained dogs and cats or animals relocating to the Town from other areas will be subject to the lower cost provided they are registered and tagged within 30 days of residency.

Anyone not purchasing a tag may be charged and fined under By-law 174-01